Chalet Descriptions and Rates


Unit Type Description
#1 Unit Three bedrooms located upstairs with double beds as well as a twin in the loft section. The main floor consists of a full kitchen, dining area, and sitting area which includes a futon and 1.5 bathrooms
Full Chalet Consists of a Front Unit and an 'A' Unit joined by open double doors
Front Unit Full kitchen, bathroom, double bed and futon couch in main living area; master bedroom is the upstairs loft.
#1 'A' Unit Larger than the 'A' Units. It has a double bed and a futon in the same room plus a kitchenette and a full bathroom
'A' Unit The rear part of the Chalet which contains a double bed and a kitchenette in the same room along with a full bathroom


Regular Season Sept 16th to June 14th
Holiday Season (Including Weekends) June 15th to September 15th
December 23rd to January 3rd
Long Weekends Note: The Saturday must be booked with two additional nights
Other Weekends Note: Must book an additional night along with the Saturday.


Unit Type Number of People Regular Season Holiday Season
#1 Unit 4 $168.00 $199.00
Full Chalet 4 $168.00 $199.00
Front Unit 2 $109.00 $129.00
#1 'A' Unit 2 $82.00 $89.00
'A' Unit 2 $69.00 $75.00

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